Geeta Chaudhary

Geeta From Co-Founding the unique and highly innovative basis for the creation of Maruva Cosmetics (i.e. blending African botanicals with Ayurvedic extracts to create a whole range of skin-care products in 2007), to the continuous in-house development and retail of these products, Geeta has been a tireless force pushing all who work with her to reach beyond their self-imposed boundaries.   Her two core beliefs, i.e. the tireless pursuit of perfection and ethical sourcing of ingredients (esp. the African indigenous botanicals which we source through Fair-Trade accredited suppliers who in turn ensure sustainability of the resource by engaging with the rural communities who harvest the wild fruits of the species we use, namely Baobab, Marula & Trichelia), have brought an enviable facet to the story of Maruva Cosmetics and also contribute significantly to validate our claims as being an ethical manufacturer of natural formulations whose activities benefit marginalised communities.

She has the clear focus needed to not only develop the overall brand as a manufacturer and retailer of luxury natural cosmetics but also has the ability, when needed, to zoom in on the smallest detail and lead by inspiring others to emulate her complete dedication and commitment to the brand.   Our recently opened store in the upmarket suburb of Chisipite, Harare in an overall economic environment of stasis takes courage, foresight and a deep belief in the integrity of the products and the brand in general. Concurrent to the self-owned stores, Geeta has been the head of our campaign to secure floor-space with appropriate retailers, thereby becoming the first cosmetics company to successfully execute the ‘shop-in-shop’ model in Zimbabwe.

Geeta has worked hard to inculcate the importance of customer satisfaction in our store executives. In an environment where these attributes have historically/traditionally been ignored, her ability to impart her infectious enthusiasm of the brand as well as a genuine desire to see no customer leaves our stores unhappy has enabled us to stand out and make a name for ourselves in the local Zimbabwean market in a relatively short period of time.

One of the fundamental changes our efforts bring to the industry is the process of applying Ayurvedic principles to African floral extracts with a view to promoting Ayurveda to African consumers and vice versa, thereby opening up a significant niche in a 2 billion plus combined market whilst simultaneously changing the mindset of these consumers towards the respective counterparts.

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