Ghassa Hajjaj

Ghassan Hajjaj is a Dubai based training facilitator, with over 20 years of experience managing trainings and events in the world of luxury perfumery, etiquette and protocol. He has educated thousands of individuals in more than 35 countries, has lived in 6 countries and speaks 10 languages.

His many travels and training presentations across the globe have given him a unique insight into how people use fragrances, and the cultural importance of fragrances.

Today he works with l’Oreal Luxe and takes an active part in educating on fragrances and fragrance expertise as well as assisting the brands with creating locally relevant fragrances. Over the years, fragrances have become a true passion for him, and he continuously works at perfecting the level of knowledge and skills of the fragrance consultants and specialists in the retail market, so that they may provide excellent customer service when advising people on fragrances.

Ghassan has served as a member of the professional jury for the Fragrance Awards Arabia for the past 3 years, and since 2016 he has been Head of Jury for the Influencer’s Jury.

He is the proud owner of a collection of Yves Saint Laurent fragrances that includes almost 200 bottles from 1964 until today and that has been exhibited in Paris and Shanghai, and with a few pieces appearing in the Yves Saint Laurent biopic by Jalil Lespert.

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