Graham Cross

Dr Graham Cross achieved both his Bachelor of Science and his Doctor of Philosophy titles at Imperial College, the Royal College of Science and Technology, University of London. England. His Ph.D was in collaboration with Pharma multinational Pfizer.
Graham left the UK in 1985 to conduct scientific research at the University of Groningen on a NATO scholarship.
He joined the Unilever Chemicals world in 1988 as a chemist moving later into Foods R&D.
From 1994 Graham worked in interface management between marketing, R&D and Supply chain aligning R&D programmes to business needs. Graham represented Unilever Foods in the design and implementation of the current innovation stage-gate business model; the goal being the optimal integration and alignment of functional efforts for innovation excellence.
Getting back to the real world between 1994 and 2004 Graham was senior technical project leader reporting successively to Marketing, R&D and Supply chain. These were innovation projects that started with blank pages and ambition and ended with factories and products in markets.
From 2005 Graham started to focus on innovation through partnership becoming the Foods Collaborative Innovation Director. Graham is now the Director of Commercial Alliances, being the deal architect and relationship manager for a portfolio of innovation alliances operating across the full Unilever portfolio.

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