Hannah Roberts

Hannah Roberts is the Prestige Communication Director and Global Head of Trend for Unilever since 2014.

Hannah has been in the Beauty and Personal Care business for 22 years, most recently as a dynamic Head of Marketing, trend forecaster and Innovation Director . Hannah successfully crafts and leads global brand strategies using her leading-edge technique of Trend Forecasting cross referenced with Data Science and advanced deciphering of global signals or indicators that successfully anticipate socio-cultural trends. As such, she constantly lives in the future , moving the needle by enabling brands and retail partners to optimize their planning, accelerate revenue and ideate accurately for consumers of the future.

Studying the links between art, fashion, music, design, food, beauty and consumer culture, Roberts’s work has pioneered inventive approaches to marketing and communication strategies, also providing tactical step-change opportunities for some of the worlds’ leading brands. Since 2000, her new product ideation work has been highly influential in the Beauty and Luxury industries, introducing new models of co-creation and upskilling toolkits and capabilities.

Roberts is a keen enthusiast of the arts, regularly involved in the production and performance of immersive experiences. Music soundtracks her life and she is an avid collector. A self proclaimed ‘Geek’ she hugely enjoys science-fiction comic book styles and regularly visits art installations and curated spaces such as the Royal Academy London.

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