Johanna Gilbro

Dr Johanna Gillbro MPharm, PhD

Senior manager scientific innovation


Johanna Gillbro has an MPharm from Uppsala University and a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Bradford, United Kingdom. Her PhD was under the subject of human pigmentation with a special interest in pigmentary disorders, especially vitiligo. In addition, she has more than 10 years’ experience from clinical research and cosmetic science.

Since 2008, she has been working at Oriflame and has been leading the development of anti-aging ingredients as well as pigmentation management targets. She has specific expertise in melanocyte biology, photoaging and contributed to the development of organocultures of human skin and the use of gene and protein arrays to develop novel anti-aging strategies. She is leading several collaborative projects with Karolinska Insitutet and University of Uppsala. She has published numerous articles and book chapters in both dermatological and cosmetics journals and books.

She currently holds the position as senior manager within scientific innovation at Oriflame.

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