Joseph Nourallah

Detail-driven leader whose love of nature inspires uncompromising ethics within the beauty industry

I love all things nature: the ocean, forest, being outdoors, and fishing—although I never catch anything, which is good because I’d toss the little guys back in anyway! I started the LA-based Art Naturals because I appreciate and respect nature equally.

I spent over a decade working alongside some of the most recognizable names in the beauty industry. I started feeling like a creep thoughknowing that people we’re paying a ton more for OK products with fancy packaging, not to mention many of the things being put into these expensive products were ineffective and harming our environment. So, I changed it.

The idea behind Art Naturals was to create exceptional but affordable and all-natural beauty and lifestyle products. Surprisingly, Art Naturals has grown exponentially since our first vitamin C serum was introduced in 2015. The company continues to change people’s ideals about organics with an ever-growing product line.

The only thing more important to me than Art Naturals is family. I want to see the cherished people I surround myself with smile

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