Lara Morgan

“I would welcome the opportunity to talk on innovation – I am pretty sure I have some good stories to tell and have an exciting other development (also under my investment and ownership) brand name Scentered – interestingly launching in Spake NK in April exclusively. I am so excited by the time effort and excellence my team have put into these totally contrasting brands that I think we have a lot of lessons to share in innovation – not to mention deep product knowledge as I owned previously factories in China and Czech Republic..

Having built in the past the company Pacific Direct which I sold for £ 20million – we were the world leading luxury licensed brand supplier to hotels in amenities sizes. I am often requested to speak as an inspirational speaker and perhaps you would like to review the website ( <> ) on the rest of my lunacy!

I have launched activbod to learn at the sharp end of retail (activbod is a genuine passion and I am very serious about the range being able to positively improve the health of the nation). Scentered exists to give mad mothers like myself the tool to survive brutal schedules and the demands of life!”

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