Shahzad Haider

Shahzad HAIDER serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Fragrance Foundation Arabia since 2008. Additionally, Mr. HAIDER has been in senior education positions since 2009.

A graduate of Economics and an MBA with marketing majors, Mr. HAIDER started his career in 1995 with FMCG multinationals and has served at the top marketing positions. In 2004, Mr. HAIDER initiated his own business of Luxury Marketing Consultancy, recognising the growing demand for intelligent, integrated marketing offering in the ever booming luxury segment.

With his acumen of business and keen interest in developing innovative solutions for education sector, he was able to hold key posts in various top universities as lecturer and head of department.

Living in the Middle East since 1999, Mr. HAIDER has witnessed enthralling retail boom, emerging regional manufactures, opportunistic international brands and bling of fragrance, fashion and beauty industry within luxury market. His touch on the pulse of luxury market is sharp enough to be titled as the “most resourceful personality of the Middle East in the region” by top media agencies globally. BBC, Al Jazzera, Ernest & Young, MBC, Gulf News and Gulf Market Review are a few of the media who had one on one interviews with Mr. HAIDER on the changing dynamics of international market. His core competency lies with analytical expertise on evolving business and its impact from regional business scenario to international trends especially with niche, luxury brands and education sector.

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