Tina Hedges

Tina Hedges, Chief Recipe Keeper

Beauty marketing innovator and seasoned entrepreneur, Tina Hedges is an Island girl at heart with a global sensibility. Of Cuban decent, raised in Jamaica and growing up in NYC, Tina has a great appreciation for diverse cultures, living and working around the world, including China pre-1996. Always ahead of her time, Tina spent many years product trend spotting for global beauty companies in beauty and wellness.

During her 20+ year career, Tina parlayed this intuitive understanding of consumer trends into developing many of the best-selling and award winning beauty products in women’s bathroom cabinets. She scoured the global market for new ingredients and spent numerous hours inside the labs directing chemists and understanding why the science works. Chances are that you currently own or at some point in the past have used one of these products.

In 2004, Tina went on a personal beauty and wellness quest after finding out that it was either stress keeping her up at night, nor jet lag from accumulated years of international travel, but rather she was going through early menopause at 37. Doctors couldn’t explain it but Tina intuitively knew that being a guinea pig for all these new beauty products didn’t help matters.

Despite her many resources, searching for trustworthy beauty advice came up empty. She was motivated to go back to her roots and Cuban grandmother’s recipes, using effective, pure and potent oils, and personalizing her own beauty rituals.

Through a series of “aha” moments and serendipitous encounters, which included shopping for beauty ingredients from the shelves at health food stores, LOLI – which stands for “living organic loving ingredients” – was born. It became Tina’s mission to create a place to personalize, share and explore beauty ingredients, recipes and rituals while also making valuable connections with other women around the virtual table in LOLI’s Kitchen of Beauty community.

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