Wall of Fame

Sonja Ungewitter, Beiersdorf

Sonja Ungewitter

For the second time Sonja presented at INNOCOS and second time – top speaker, we are so proud to have her part of our programs. Sonja has a profound strategic experience in international marketing combined with best in class consumer understanding in different regions of the globe. She delivered a fantastic presentation with lots of energy providing a selection of very interesting case studies. Great insights into different approaches for the same brand, with a clear message. Very engaging, excellent speaker. Speakers like Sonja Ungewitter contributing tremendously to success of INNOCOS events.

Jennifer Tidy, Modiface

Jennifer Tidy

Jennifer Tidy delivered an interesting presentation on Augmented Reality – dynamic, insightful and full of examples. Our audience enjoyed learning about the newest technology and loved to experience it during the breaks. We are extremely proud to have attractive, fascinating technology presented by Jennifer  – an engaging and passionate communicator. We would love to have her back next year!

Anna Dycheva-Smirnova, PCAR

Anna Dycheva

Anna Dycheva-Smirnova’s speech had a perfect balance between interesting insights on the Russian market and a doze of humor enough to make it entertaining to listen. She gave us exhaustive, attention-grabbing and clear vision of Russian market, in engaging and professional manner. We learn about big female power in Russia, what makes this country as a huge potential market for beauty! We also enjoyed the tips and guidelines, a perfect ending! I recommend Anna as a valuable speaker at any event which requires presentation with knowledge of the state of the Beauty Industry in Russia.

Caroline Grange, Make Up For Ever

Caroline Grange

Caroline was rated as the top speaker at innoCos summit in Madrid. She gave a very detailed insight into the brand and practicalities of developing a digital strategy whilst keeping it light and engaging. Her presentation was focused, sharp and clearly designed to deliver information that would be helpful to anyone wanting to learn from her experiences. We recommend Caroline Grange as an outstanding speaker, with a great dynamic style and passion for digital.

Angela Cretu, Avon

Angela Cretu

In her presentation at innoCos Madrid Angela showed tremendous commitment to her company and her market and clearly explained their position. Her genuine passion for Avon shines through and her focused knowledge and sharing was infectious. We now have a very clear understanding of why Avon is so successful in foreign markets. Angela’s presentation had all the elements of the top rated speech – passion, rich content and relevant for the audience.

Irina Barbalova, Euromonitor

Irina Barbalova

Irina Barbalova has delivered a great opening keynote at innoCos Madrid summit. She presented a lot of useful and interesting information to our attendees in a very easy digestible form. We appreciate the great insights presented in a concise manner and speakers like Irina is what makes our programs so special.

Jan Mihm, Uslu Airlines

jan mihm

It was a big ask for Jan to present to an audience of the most important multinational cosmetics and personal care brands, but he succeeded in giving us a wholly different perspective on marketing and branding. This ground-breaking content was exactly why we invited him to join the speaking panel at the InnoCos Rome Summit. Jan is an exciting, refreshing and inspirational presenter and his participation contributed in no small way to the success of the conference. It was no surprise that he was voted one of the top speakers, we were honored to have him.


Joy Chen, Yes To

joy chen

Joy delivered an inspirational case study at InnoCos Rome on setting a strategy for success. The audience found her presentation motivating, inspiring and extremely well put together and we fell in love with the “Yes To” brand through her amazing delivery, engaging content and great visuals. She’s a leader who excels in all she does and we had a great time working with her.


Paul Howells, Unilever

paul howels

The moment Paul got on stage at innoCos Rome summit, he captured the delegate’s attention until the very end. His presentation was slick and dynamic in both delivery and content and his amazing insights were thoroughly entertaining. We’d be privileged to welcome him back as a speaker at future events.


Lisa Lipkin, Founder, StoryStrategies

lisa lipkin

Lisa once again delivered an enthusiastic presentation and was rated as the top speaker of the whole 2 day event. Our audience not only loved her presentation style, which sounds like a smooth well told story which you can listen to all day, but the fact that tips are presented in a way that you can use right away when you get back to the office. It was a very relevant presentation, with practical insights, inspiring and a perfect
reminder to be passionate. We have learned that by having Lisa Lipkin present at the event it sets the right tone and energy whilst guaranteeing success for us as event organizers.


Sourabh Sharma, Communication & Social Media Research Expert,SKIM

sourabh sharma

Sourabh is a real professional who pitches what he preaches and one of the best examples who lives and breathes social media. He presented incredibly rich information, great insights and an interesting mindset in an entertaining and compelling way. One of the best indicators of a successful speech is when attendees ask to hear more at the end and this was certainly the case with Sourabh’s presentation. The content was very well prepared and researched, thinking about the audience and meeting their needs. We heard many complements long after he presented his speech and we are very proud to have him contribute to the success of the innoCos USA.


Matthijs van der Putten, Global Head of Digital, Maybelline, L’Oréal


What an honor welcoming Matthijs to present at our innoCos USA conference! We knew before the event that having Matthijs speaking would add great value to the programme and our expectations were exceeded when he delivered a first class speech that was a pleasure to listen to. We found his presentation as an extremely well prepared case study, with excellent content, great detail and examples, clear and clever. Feedback from our attendees included, ‘absolutely amazing, professional and a very strong speaker’.


Esi Eggleston Bracey, Vice President, Global Cosmetics, Procter & Gamble


We had the honor of welcoming Esi Eggleston Bracey to speak at the innoCos Europe conference in Nice, who was named by some as a “P&G warrior”. She delivered an excellent presentation from the level of a top executive from such great company as Procter & Gamble. From the first minute she took the stage with great energy, passion and excellent content. We love her style and energy plus the substance of her presentation, which gives you tips you can use. A high level professional, dynamic, engaging and charismatic speaker. Presentations like Esi’s are the highlight of our top level events and we will be thrilled to have her speaking again at future conferences.


Lisa Lipkin, Founder, StoryStrategies

lisa lipkin2

As an organisation we believe that the best way to connect companies and people is through storytelling and we are so glad to see that Lisa’s short speech and storytelling icebreaking session was such a great success! Our delegates absolutely loved this session. They found it to be a completely different approach to networking that was easy to adopt, as it could be seen how refreshing the session was by just how many speakers referred to Lisa later on. Lisa’s presentation was rated – fundamental, inspiring and fun, wise content, very helpful and entertaining. We highly recommend Lisa to all organisations who are looking for a refreshing approach that can be used in professional life.


Horst Wenck, Corporate Vice-President Front End Innovation, Beiersdorf

horst wenck

Horst Wenck’s presentation at the innoCos Europe conference in Nice was the perfect example of a top level, strategic, corporate speech that captured the audience from the first minute until the last. It was a content rich presentation of the challenges a big corporation face. We, and our attendees, found his speech to be very insightful with a sense of humour, providing clear examples of processes, technologies and systems. Our attendees loved how he shared the good and bad processes; details of the strategy and innovation. An absolutely perfect presentation on many levels, with great insights, inspiring and concise content. We all enjoyed Horst’s session very much and can recommend him as a top speaker with great knowledge and professional speaking skills.

Rimma Driscoll, Proctor & Gamble

3. Rimma Driscoll

For the 2nd event running Rimma is rated one of our highest speakers. In her presentation Rimma discussed how P&G cultivates innovation by improving internal cross-departmental interaction. The audience appreciated the clear insights she gave into P&G as well as her professional presentation style. Her speech was comprehensive and well received providing listeners with the opportunity to learn how P&G are embracing interaction, innovation and finding packaging solutions internally. Rimma, thank you again for providing us with such a great presentation that we all enjoyed!


Nancy Savoya, SKIM Group

2. Nancy Savoya

It comes as no surprise to us that Nancy is rated one of the best speakers of InnoCos Pack! Nancy set the tone for the 2-day event through her insightful and informative opening remarks and was an excellent chairperson for the 1st day. Our attendees truly appreciated her role throughout the day. Professional, smart, relaxed and clear – Nancy is not only an excellent chairperson but her presentation on packaging trends, packaging features and consumer insights was extremely well received by participants. We really appreciate the role Nancy took in this event and highly recommend her as a professional speaker with a clear and natural presentation style that attendees gain knowledge and inspiration from. Thank you Nancy!


George-Edouard Dias, L’Oreal

GEDias WallofFame

We had the honor to have Mr George-Edouard Dias present at our conference once again and for the second time in a row he was rated as the best speaker of the conference. He delivered a perfect presentation in terms of style and content. Our attendees found his speech inspiring, intelligent, visually appealing and entertaining at the same time. The carefully selected case studies were seen as tremendously insightful. A perfect keynote for the event. We were thrilled to have Mr Dias present at our event and we take great pride in the high quality our events are elevated to with such a level with great speakers.


Sonja Ungewitter, Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf WallofFame

Sonja Ungewitter was chosen as the second European speaker for the innoCos conference in New York on the basis of her profound strategic experience in international marketing combined with best in class consumer understanding in different regions of the globe. She delivered a fantastic presentation with lots of energy providing a selection of very interesting case studies. Great insights on how to develop an international brand with regional respect and from the industry, and with strategic global overview.


Valerie Hoecke, Benefit Cosmetics

Benefits WallofFame3

Valerie’s speech presented us with a fantastic case study filled with concrete examples and key milestones. Her presentation style was clear and precise with an exceptional attitude – presenting a great image for Benefit Cosmetics. Our attendees found her presentation hands-on, practical and useful. Valerie is an absolutely talented, professional and inspiring speaker.


Rachael Ostrom, Aveda

Aveda WallofFame

Rachael’s speech was rated as one of the best due to her excellent content and delivery. She presented us with an open story on how innovation takes place in Aveda. Interesting and convincing. Great content delivered by a great professional, we are honored to have had such a high level speaker attend our event.


Fabienne Jacquet, Colgate-Palmolive

Fabienne Jacquet

Fabienne’s presentation was not only one of the highlights of the day, but she also brought an incredible amount of positive energy and interaction during the whole event. She is a very passionate, knowledgeable and stimulating speaker, whose presentation was bursting with strong content through the use of very relevant examples. An incredibly experienced and enjoyable speaker.


Elizabeth Angles d’Auriac, Sephora

1.Elizabeth Angles d'Aurac

We found Elizabeth Angles d’Auriac as a true brand ambassador of the Sephora brand by projecting an incredibly open, enthusiastic and positive energy from the moment she entered the room. Her speech was rated as the best from the two day event, which came as no surprise. The attendees found her an excellent speaker with the best presentation style and an interesting topic. Elizabeth presented great insights about Sephora needs and mission with good examples and very relevant content. A very inspiring, innovative, informative presentation with clear identification of internal innovation at Sephora – convincing, practical and informative. Simply a clear and impressive presentation. We would be honored to have Elizabeth speaking at any of our future events again.


Mini Kalivianakis, SKIM Group

2. Mini Kalivanakis

Mini Kalivianakis lead one of the most highly rated sessions of the day and positioned her as one of the best workshop facilitators we had in years. The feedback of their market research was particularly interesting for our delegates & well presented: clear and understandable. We found this session interesting, interactive, very well prepared and well run. Thank you!


Nancy Savoya, SKIM Group

2. Nancy Savoya

Nancy Savoya lead one of the most highly rated sessions of the day and positioned her as one of the best workshop facilitators we had in years. The audience found the interactive brainstorming session as a well organized and fun exercise with in depth explanations of how claims impact customers buying behavior. Good way to get people involved!


Rimma Driscoll, Proctor & Gamble

PG Wal of Fame

Rimma Driscoll was rated as one of the top three speakers at the InnoCos Europe conference in Geneva with a clear presentation on a valuable and useful topic. Her presentation was one of the strongest on both style and content. She presented very specific, compelling information and great insights on internal processes on how to interact and collaborate effectively that has an impact on company success. Our audience found her speech insightful, engaging, easy to follow and open. Rimma presented great insights on internal process, which the audience learned a great deal from. She contributed to our conference’s success and we are very grateful for that.


Sian Sutherland, Mama Mio

4. Sian Sutherland

Sian Sutherland delivered an inspiring, courageous and relevant presentation with a different perspective of business. She spoke freely, honestly and so passionately that our audience fell in love with Mama Mio and their products in no time. Our audience found the presentation inspiring, true and informative with very professional and modern slides explaining women’s needs and an interesting angle on running a brand. Simply convincing and an honest speaker – we would love to work with Sian in the future again.


Dr Bjorn Orvar, Sif Cosmetics

5. Bjorn Orvar

Dr. Bjorn Orvar presented us with a very interesting case study and story. Attendees appreciated to hear about new innovative ideas and a great success story. It was very interesting to follow the story on the development of the amazing product, from idea to development process explained in an easy and understandable manner. A good combination / balance between science and marketing, highly interesting, open, honest & authentic speech. He made us want to buy the product.


Angela Cretu, Avon Eastern Europe

6. Angela Cretu

Angela Cretu is a very professional and excellent speaker with a good natural presentation style that is easy to follow. She clearly and confidently presented a very interesting topic on a different perspective of a business model. A very competent and effective presenter.


Daria Myers

Wall of FameEsteeLauder

Daria Myers delivered the top presentation of the day at InnoCos Europe in Paris and our delegation was thrilled to listen to her. She projected the image of a confident and experienced speaker, with great and inspiring content. With her superb opening speech she set the energetic tone of the day, which is so important for an event. We were privileged having Daria Mayers as our keynote speaker and feel that she contributed a great deal to the events success.


Francis Quinn

Wall of FameLOreal

Francis Quinn delivered a top-notch presentation at our InnoCos Europe conference in Paris and was rated as the best speaker for the event. Some of the attendees rated his speech 6 in a scale of 1 to 5. The comments we received: outstanding and inspirational presentation, clear message, very convincing and excellent speech! His energy was contagious; he understands the audience and has a deep knowledge of the subject he presented. We will be honoured to work with Francis again in the future and recommend him as an expert with great presentation skills and a winning speaking style.


Graham Cross

Unilever WallofFame1

Graham Cross is a sharp and experienced presenter. He takes the stage and grabs your attention from the minute he starts. He understands very well how to connect with people; he knows his audience and presents in a clear and to-the-point manner. He speaks with ease and confidence, with a clear impact and humour when appropriate. We enjoyed his presentation so much that we didn’t feel the time pass –a great sign of an effective communicator and professional corporate speaker.


Simon Duffy


Simon Duffy presented a very interesting story, some of us found it provocative and great. He presented a great innovation case which our delegates found motivating and inspirational. We loved the creativity, energy and freshness he projected, both during his presentation and also at the conference networking breaks. Well done and thank you for being part of InnoCos Europe!


Steffen Seifarth

stephan seifarth

Mr Seifarth’s presentation style was clear, well structured, informative and held a good pace. Our delegates rated it as one of the best of the day – interesting and helpful with many shared insights whilst focussing on the details. We highly recommend Stefan Seifarth as a professional and high level speaker.


Inge Terpstra

inge terpstra

After only a short conversation with Inge Terpstra we could already see that she would be rated as one of the top speakers and indeed she got the best rating from our delegates. They found her presentation “better than great”, clear, honest, strategic, well covered and explained. She presented a nice approach of a green concept, making our audience want to know more. We recommend Inger Terpstra as an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced speaker.


Mark Edwards


Mark Edwards’ speech was a very clear demonstration of a specific topic, relevant to the oral care business, presented in a very clear way with a professional attitude. Our attendees found it solid, scientific, detailed and informative whilst highlighting that innovation does not always require new ingredients. Mark Edwards presentation style combines both deep knowledge of the industry with excellent communication and presentation skills.